Steelers QB Kenny Pickett takes no comfort in improvement in 3rd start

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After the Pittsburgh Steelers 16-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins, quarterback Kenny Pickett addressed the media and you could tell how hard the loss had hit him. Despite having his best NFL performance, Pickett didn’t want to take anything away from that after throwing three interceptions in the loss.

Reporters wanted to have Pickett comment about how he thought he had improved but that wasn’t where his head was at. Pickett pointed out those interceptions were on him and he had to get back in there and watch the film so he could learn from it. It is important to note that while Pickett had three interceptions in the game, only two of them were on him. Nevertheless, Pickett’s 257 passing yards and one passing touchdown were completely overshadowed by those picks.

No one expects any rookie quarterback to be perfect and Pickett will grow from this but when the season is on the line, every player is evaluated on equal footing.